Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a prescribed treatment program designed to improve visual function and performance through specialized visual activities. A vision therapy evaluation is not part of a routine comprehensive vision examination. The purpose of the evaluation is to establish and/or confirm the diagnosis, assess performance when the visual system is stressed, and demonstrate the visual problem to patients and parents.

After the vision therapy evaluation, Dr. Polsinelli will come up with a custom treatment plan and determine whether in-office therapy, home therapy, or a combination of both is required for successful treatment.

​All in-office therapy sessions are performed exclusively by Dr. Polsinelli.

The top ten signs/symptoms that you or your child may have a vision-related problem that can be corrected with vision therapy:

  1. Distance vision blur after nearwork

  2. ​Rubs eyes while reading and writing

  3. ​Eyes feel tired

  4. ​Blinks often during nearwork tasks

  5. Tends to cover one eye when engaging in near tasks

  6. Intermittent double vision

  7. ​Small word errors

  8. Mind wanders when reading

  9. ​Doesn’t read for pleasure

  10. ​Takes “hours” to do 30 minutes worth of homework